Further Resources

EcoGecko Consultants

EcoGecko Consultants provides ecological consultancy services specialising in herpetology (lizards, frogs and tuatara) in New Zealand. This work is undertaken by providing surveying, monitoring, mitigation and management services, and advice reporting. Taxonomic work and applied scientific research are also core objectives. Clients include the New Zealand Government (through Landcare Research, Department of Conservation, and FRST), regional councils, ecological consultancies, industrial developers and community organizations.

Society for Research on Amphibians and Reptiles in New Zealand (SRARNZ)

The objectives of the Society are to promote the scientific study of all aspects of the biology of the amphibians and reptiles of the New Zealand region and to promote the conservation of the region's indigenous herpetofauna. Membership of the Society is open to professional scientists, scientifically-interested amateurs and the professional staff of institutions engaged in the study of amphibians and reptiles in New Zealand. Members are admitted to the Society at the discretion of its Council. The Society was formed in 1987 and attracts many overseas as well as New Zealand members.

SRARNZ New Zealand Lizards Conservation Toolkit

The SRARNZ NZ Lizards Conservation Toolkit is a resource developed for the conservation management of the lizards of New Zealand. It includes primers on (a) the conservation and resource management legislation in place for lizards and their habitats; (b) standardized surveying and monitoring methodologies; (c) predator/pest control, habitat management and translocation practices for the benefits of lizards and (d) further resources. To download the Toolkit, please go here.

New Zealand Herpetological Society (NZHS)

The objectives of the NZHS are (a) to promote awareness & interest in amphibians and reptiles and their conservation, (b) to encourage the study of New Zealand's own species, and (c) to encourage the captive keeping and breeding of both New Zealand herpetofauna, and such exotic species of reptiles and amphibians as may be legally kept. The Society endeavours to cater for all levels of interest in herpetology, from the school pupil who finds that lizards and frogs make interesting pets, to the person engaged in serious scientific study or captive breeding programmes. The majority of members keep and breed native geckos and skinks in captivity, or are engaged in the field study of these animals. Other members have an interest in keeping exotic species such as tortoises, terrapins, frogs and axolotls.

Department of Conservation Atlas on the Reptiles and Frogs of New Zealand

Find species descriptions, habitat information and distribution maps for NZ frogs, lizards and reptiles in the Atlas of the Amphibians and Reptiles of NZ. The Herpetofauna database is the tool DOC uses to collate data on these species. You can help DOC by reporting sightings using ARDS (Amphibian and Reptile Distribution Scheme) cards.

NZ Frogs

NZ Frogs provides information and resources on the topic of New Zealand frog conservation and research. This website is the result of collaboration between the University of Otago Frog Research Group with Victoria University of Wellington Frog Research Group.