Welcome to the Journal for New Zealand Herpetology. We are a dedicated platform that strives to foster a deeper understanding of the unique and diverse world of reptiles and amphibians in the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand. Our journal serves as a hub for researchers, enthusiasts, and conservationists who are passionate about the herpetofauna of this remarkable country.

Our Mission: At the Journal for New Zealand Herpetology, our mission is to promote the study, appreciation, and conservation of New Zealand's reptiles and amphibians. We aim to provide a reputable platform for the dissemination of cutting-edge research, insightful articles, and captivating stories that contribute to the collective knowledge about the herpetological species found in New Zealand.

What We Do:

  1. Research Publication: We publish original research articles, reviews, and case studies from esteemed herpetologists, ecologists, and conservationists. By showcasing rigorous scientific work, we facilitate the advancement of knowledge in the field of New Zealand herpetology.

  2. Educational Outreach: Our journal is committed to raising awareness about the importance of New Zealand's reptiles and amphibians. We offer educational resources, engaging content, and informative articles to encourage a broader understanding of these unique creatures.

  3. Conservation Advocacy: We believe in the vital role of research and education in conservation efforts. Our journal actively supports conservation initiatives by providing a platform for discussions on threats, challenges, and solutions related to preserving the herpetofauna of New Zealand.

Our Team: The Journal for New Zealand Herpetology is driven by a diverse and passionate team of researchers, writers, and enthusiasts who share a deep love for herpetology. Our editorial board comprises experts in the field, ensuring that the content we publish maintains the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

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