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Welcome to BioGecko!

BioGecko aims to be a peer-reviewed, low-cost, online journal publishing scientific research and life history observations relevant to the herpetofauna of New Zealand, or New Zealand herpetologists and ecologists. BioGecko may be an ideal starting point for a student's first paper, or the reporting of surveying or monitoring outcomes by local communities, biodiversity officers and other stakeholders. We aim to facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge between professional and amateur herpetologists and ecologists, conservation managers, students and amphibian and reptile keepers.

Mission Statement

"BioGecko aims to be a relevant scientific journal publishing empirical and theoretical research—including new methodologies or techniques, exchanging of ideas and communicating life history observations—with implications for the conservation management of New Zealand herpetofauna."

Call for papers!

We are looking for papers for our fifth issue of BioGecko in 2018. If you have any original research, distribution or life history observations, reviews or syntheses of current knowledge, please consider BioGecko. Authors of papers accepted for publication will receive a free copy of the issue that their paper is published in.

Submissions: Prospective authors should follow the online guidelines for preparation of manuscripts here.
Subscriptions: We aim to have BioGecko published once a year around January. For information on subscriptions, please click here.

Why BioGecko?

We launched BioGecko in response to a recent call for greater publication of basic herpetological information that is typically not published by high-impact journals. BioGecko also exists to improve communication between professional and amateur herpetologists, conservation managers, students, zoos, veterinarians and amphibian and reptile keepers. We therefore welcome submissions from all of these parties. While we are broad in our scope, we do endeavour to maintain a high standard of publication, therefore submitted articles will be peer-reviewed to ensure they are of an appropriate quality. Examples of articles include:

  • Outputs of original field-based, experimental or theoretical research
  • Research currently existing only in thesis, dissertation or unpublished report form
  • Conservation management of herpetofauna
  • Reports from reptile and amphibian keepers detailing observations on captive animals or useful husbandry techniques
  • Life history, behavioural or distribution observations
  • Essays detailing reviews or syntheses of issues relevant to New Zealand herpetology
  • Opinion pieces and responses on topical issues relevant to New Zealand herpetology

To keep our journal accessible and open for rapid communication we intend to have:

  • No page charges for publication
  • Figures can be published in full colour without charge
  • Low annual subscription fees, achieved by the journal being in e-format (PDF)
  • Issues are emailed out in PDF format to subscribers

Editor: Trent Bell (

All correspondence should be made via email to the editor.

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