Impact of Artificial Intelligence, Bio-Medical and Advanced Technologies On Human Resource Management

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Jitendra Kumar Chaudhary, M. Sundar Rajan, M. DHAVAMANI, Nitin Jain, Rohit Tripathi, Gaurav Jindal


The architecture of this study prioritises biomedicine and artificial intelligence, both of whichhave been found to have a significant impact on human resource management, which is both a keyresource and input for any firm aiming to increase productivity. A company's success depends on itscapacity to satisfy customers, which can only be achieved through hours needed of innovative workintended to enhance performance and set them apart from rivals in the market. The administrative dutiesof “human resource management” are being drastically changed by recent advancements in technology,intelligence, technologies, and artificial intelligence, which are also changing employee characteristicsand companies. Failure to incorporate AI into human resource practises could prove to be a grievous sinin a society dominated by high-tech equipment and devices, preventing firms from growing andsurviving. The inquiry has started. AI may have a greater impact on business success when combinedwith human resource management strategies. Even if AI tools lack individual emotional and cognitive capacities, when human resource behaviours are carefully monitored, they can be a beneficial resource for any sort of organisation.

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