Smart Financial Management System Based on Integrated Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics

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Shaik Rehana Banu, Balaji Ramkumar Rajagopal, Siddharth, K.G.S. Venkatesan, Pranjal Rawat, PATEL YOGESHKUMAR JETHABHAI


The ideas of "financial technology," "economic and technological interaction," and "science andtechnology" are increasingly important for the development of financial products, enhanced financialeffectiveness, and reduced costs of currency services. In other words, the economic model, strategic plan,various techniques, personnel operations, marketing, along with other aspects, are all being changed bythe rising technology framework in the financial industry. One of the most significant industries is thebanking industry, which has a close relationship with sophisticated machine intelligence, or AI, and a lotof data. Technological technology' use in the finance sector has made it easier to avoid fraud and analyserisks, including credit card theft. In order to compile pertinent data for this research work, both primaryquantitative and secondary qualitative research approaches were taken into account. 65 out of 100employees were chosen to participate in the survey, and their results were examined using charts anddiagrams in Excel. Additionally, the secondary qualitative approach is employed to gather theoretical datafrom publications, papers, and websites.

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