An Empirical Analysis of Machine Learning and Strategic Management of Economic and Financial Security and its Impact on Business Enterprises

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Ravi Kumar, Rajesh Gupta, N. Suganya Baby, Kumar Ratnesh, Anupriya Jain, Seema Sharma


There are numerous organisational procedures that are necessary for a firm to operateeffectively. Building a firm includes strategic management and corporate development. Theseelements can help a corporate organisation develop its financial and economic stability. With the helpof this organisation, it is possible to plan out the business-related strategy that will be used to put ideasinto practise and accomplish their organisational goals. An organisation can comprehend itsaccessibility, leads, revenue, sales, stability, etc. with the aid of this aspect. On the other hand,developing a corporate strategy is what is meant by strategic management. They carry out thestrategic vision with the aid of this preparation, and they examine the outcomes by putting thisplanning into practise. The machine learning process helps in the strategic management of thefinancial sector of a company. Since machine learning helps perform a task much more easily andwith precision, it is extremely important in the financial management process of a company.

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