Investigating the relationship between System Management, Business Leadership, and human resource management

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Anubha Pundir, Chanchal Chawla, Puneet Sethi, Melanie Lourens, Kunal Dewangan, Bratati Kundu


An important factor in the human resource transformation is the information system, whichkeeps the emphasis on personnel management and the development of strategic plans for organisationalgrowth. The information system assists in identifying the employee competitive strength in addition toadding a vital dimension to the role of human resources (ESC). On the other hand, effective leadership isalso necessary to affect the organization's production. By closing the communication gap, effectiveleadership lessens intra-conflicts. In order to build a systematic approach in the company environment,this research study will investigate the relationship between System management, HR management, andExecutive management. It should be emphasised that various data management methodologies andsample methods are required to take into account in order to thoroughly depict this study with real-worlddata. This paper has chosen the non-probability sample method after taking these factors into account.

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